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Sex in latex 2013-12-27 4:00 latex
Jordon Dominates 2015-02-21 2:00
Fragments VIIIn. fragmenta small broken off or detachedan isolated, unfinished, or incomplete partan erotica piece, bit, or scrap. Movie 1Latex broad is standing, ready, sweating onto herself with the moistness trapped in a film of rubber against her skin. This chick is made to leisurely and sexily bared at the behest of Mz and insert a vaginal and backdoor inflatable plugs that are attached to latex panties into her holes. The panties are pulled up and inflated in the ass and cunt. Mz drags her over to the easy easy chair and this gf is bound spread tight in crystal straps. An inflatable gag is fucked up and fucked in her mouth... this gf is now airtight. Mz works her over.... tormenting her, challenging her with nipple clamps, the tazapper, and vibrator.SCENE 2Slut is propensity backwards standing into an intense arch spread. The fist of Mz slides easily into the clit hole. Shackles are tightly bound to slut's boobies - a cupcake of pretty chick spilling over and constricted. Flogging warms up and tenderizes the skin before clamps in a zipper fashion are applied along the torso. Slut melts into the hands of capable Mz. Draining her for cum, Mz Berlin's efforts are relentless.SCENE 3Chocolate skinned whore in romper gets schooled on the ways of Machine by experienced handler Orlando. The drool runs down her face. With a closely trimmed boss shave, this clit has no where to hide. Any is exposed. This chick is flogged till we can see the pink ejaculated up from her skin. In buy to be a proper slut, this gf has to be slaved to fuck. Orlando orders her to drive the rod between her legs in an appealing fashion. Desperate, scared, the dildo enters...SCENE 4She is installed on her side in a strict strappado/forward bend predicament. Her toes are an easy target for the single tail and Orlando knows altogether how to Brutal and pleasure someone that cannot see the sensations coming. Whimpering, desperate for the Brutal to end, Orlando rams a thick rod into her. Sticking it in and out, coaxing newbie defiled cumming out of her unpracticed holes. Cum drips down her leg, this gf is left to suffer alone. 2013-07-02 2:00 restrained
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It is a sad day indeed when a defective Home Thrall is sent back to the basement to be re-trained. The Home rules, the positions, the discipline - these things are in place for a reason. They provide a coherent structure, a discover of organization, they are the spine of the Home itself. A properly functioning Home Thrall is more than a get it on slut, more than a well slaved hole to fuck. A Home Thrall is a Symbol for the Traditions of the Leather Culture. A nod to the Elders. A Home Thrall is a reminder that we are all servants to something greater than ourselves. When this Symbol is tarnished, it is our Duty to catch note. To pick that degraded slave up and improve it. Polish it. Empower it. But first, it must be Punished.Lyla Storm's recent performance on TheUpperFloor.com was an embarrassment to the House. This girl is a disgrace to her pose and to her uniform. This girl has been busted from Senior Home Thrall of the Upper Floor to lowly Trainee in the Basement. This girl is defective. This girl not just poor the rules, this chick does not even remember what the rules are. I catch this an affront and I consider it my personal duty fix this broken piece of property.The Defect is abased and conditioned to understand that this chick was indeed and Horrible Girl. This girl is to be torn down and re-built again, best than before. By the time we are through this chick will never forget those three little words again: Honorific, Eyeline, Deportment.Her cunt and throat are reamed with a huge rubber cock, her body is tied, twisted and tied into awful poses of endurance and pain. Her orgasms are denied and then overwhelming. This girl is made to sweat buckets and squirt puddles of cunt juice out onto our nasty floor. This girl is a bad, bad girl. But this chick will get better. 2013-11-23 2:00 kinky slave submissive
No Title 2013-07-27 5:58 title
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